Second concert NANPING

Arriving – after flying from Hangzhou to Fuzhou (beautiful, brand new airport) and a further three hour drive - in Nanping

Charming hotel, modern, but in the old Chinese style, I even have a “tea-corner” in the room, I love it!


With a young lady who accompanies us from the theatre, we have dinner together, wonderful, lots of vegetables, sea food, at least ten dishes on the table at the same time and we all pick from them with our chopsticks. What a nice way to share a meal!


A one year old theatre, they tell me the big letters at the front are my name in Chinese


It is incredibly hot outside and inside, there is no air-conditioning, they say. I feel like I’m working in a sauna at the rehearsal. Well, maybe it’s good to sweat to get rid of the jet-lag. For the concert, the air conditioning mysteriously starts working.

The piano in the hall seems to be new, a make I’ve never heard of before, in good condition but too small for the size of the hall. They want to give a microphone and a PA system – I’m terrified, it’s not possible, I can no longer control the sound. Are we playing classical music here or some light crossover? Thanks to Rebecca’s diplomatic skills, we find a compromise.

Another young lady in a “wedding dress” is there again for the introduction

The hall is filled with kids, very loud, now I understand why they wanted to assist me with microphones…

At the end, children come with flowers, very kind, they all want a picture with me. They all hope to become Lang Lang one day…


Interview for the local TV channel, all I can say in Chinese is “Hello” and “Thank you”. They seem to appreciate it!

Great food again, just as the local people would eat, a type of mushroom I’ve never eaten before, looks like a little lace tunnel swimming in stock

At eleven at night, the street is as busy as during the whole day, it is like a continual market place that never sleeps, like so often in Asia, nevertheless, it is quite impressive


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