Day of departure

How should I spend the last four hours I have left in Beijing?

They suggested a traditional Chinese massage at the hotel, ohhhhhhh, that’s wonderful. At 8 in the morning… The masseuse is a very slight young girl, but with so much strength in her hands… it reminds me of the comment I have had to listen to forever, every time I ever played anywhere – Oh, but you’re so slim, how can you produce so much sound on the piano?... This sentence always makes me angry; energy has nothing to do with kilos…

The remaining two hours will be visiting the Beijing Harley Davidson shop on the way to the airport. I guess it is not the most frequently visited tourist spot in the Chinese capital, but for some personal reasons and as well as being a responsible “HD chick”’, I had to bring home some T-shirts as souvenirs. I bet those are the only T-shirts in China with a “Made in USA” label. “Vive la globalisation!”



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