First concert HANGZHOU

Rebecca from the agency will be my companion throughout the whole tour

An expanding city for the 21st century, 190 km south of Shanghai - on the way, a very different landscape, new settlements, industries

Everywhere you look, construction work, road-works, new buildings, new tunnels, a sports stadium, new luxury shops like Chanel, Rolex…

It looks like Las Vegas by night

Very busy city centre, lots of young people in fashionable clothing. It is supposed to be one of the richest cities in China

The best green tea (Long Jin) I’ve ever tasted

New theatre, huge hall, new Steinway piano in perfect condition – to be touched only with white gloves – certificate of authenticity on the wall, stored in a “glass cage” with special air-conditioning


A young lady in an incredible dress, fresh from the hairdresser’s (it looks like she’s dressed up for her wedding party) comes to introduce each piece I play. Clearly, the concert has to be a show: they put some pop music on in the hall just before and in the intermission they show television ads on a large screen on the stage… My God, is that our future?

A lot of children and youngsters in the audience (Oh, if I could only see this in Europe!!!) maybe this is the reason why the spectators are so restless


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